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"Visit the post, the post, the post", the city's general leadership to the grassroots!
發布時間17-07-17   點擊次數:2068次

?"Visit the post, the post, the post", the city's general leadership to the grassroots!


In July 12th, the Huzhou Municipal Federation of trade unions deputy party secretary Wang Zekang line to the town of Deqing County Qianyuan research supervision to deepen the "double win" activities and labor relations mediation mechanism and early warning construction union building, Union County vice president Zhou Yunshui accompanied.

Research Group has visited Zhejiang Pu Sen new Mstar Technology Ltd, Nanyang Aerospace (Zhejiang) Technology Co. Ltd., Deqing Qianyuan South Cement Company Limited 3 enterprises Union, respectively, listened to the report on deepening the "construction activities and mechanism of labor relations between warning" the work of the town of Union and the town of union construction on the "double win" and labor early warning mechanism of mediation, Zhejiang Pu Sen new Mstar Technology Ltd trade union, Nanyang Aerospace (Zhejiang) Technology Co. Ltd., Deqing union union construction work Qianyuan South Cement Company Limited report, and field visits, review the related work ledger.

(City Federation of trade unions Zhai Qing carefully look at relevant work ledger)



Visited the new Mstar Technology Ltd in Zhejiang

Ni Liang, a new Mstar Technology Ltd of Zhejiang, reported on the trade union work by Chairman of the trade union federation of China: Ni Liang served as chairman of the company Union and Secretary of the Party branch at the beginning of 2016. During this period, efforts should be made to bridge the bridge between the enterprise and the staff, strengthen the communication between the CEOs and staff, and be a good worker's maiden. The company's welfare has increased substantially, 38 supermarket card, Fat Dragon Boat festival dumplings, summer cold drinks and heatstroke drugs, the Mid Autumn Festival to send fruit and supermarket card....... The trade union has purchased medical cooperation for all employees, and the enterprises have selected and rewarded excellent employees. The work of the trade union is rich and colorful, which greatly improves the enthusiasm and sense of the workers. Actively respond to the work of the Federation of trade unions and participate in the selection of artisan spirits.

At the beginning of 2017, in full support of the trade union chairman Xia Senquan, to strengthen the cultural construction workshop, to explore the enterprise culture, to spend about 200000 yuan, the company office building and canteen was renovated in the canteen for staff built a new lounge with TV, renovation of wall materials.

The second half of 2017, in the town of union under the support of the labor union of the company to build the construction of patriotism education base is built, a billboard, a cultural ladder, showroom are under construction, our company unions on the basis of the original, is expected to be the construction of Cultural Workshop strive for further improvement, strengthen enterprise the cultural construction of the company, due to the specificity of the company's products, the union enterprise culture and patriotism combined with "mission above all" action goals, and strive to enhance the soft strength of enterprises, strengthen the cohesion of the enterprise.



Also visited the space Nanyang (Zhejiang) Technology Co., Ltd.

Aerospace Nanyang (Zhejiang) Technology Co., Ltd. by Vice President Zhang Youlin and President of the Federation of trade unions Wang Xiaofang reported: since 2017, enterprises actively participate in medical mutual aid, physical examination. For young workers to provide friends of the platform, organize staff literature team, give workers more opportunities for self display. Got the staff's consistent high praise. So as to promote the staff's enthusiasm for work, so that work efficiency has been better promoted.



Visited Deqing Qianyuan South Cement Company Limited

Deqing Qianyuan South Cement Company Limited by the enterprise trade union chairman Yan Jianwei report the work of trade unions: since 2017, enterprises to participate in the town of union to promote mutual medical, health examination. With regard to environmental issues, through the "bend for a minute" and "wash your face for mother" activities, to make a contribution to environmental protection. Also through the creation of cultural workshops, enhance the corporate atmosphere and entrepreneurial spirit. In the Southern Cement unit is still open to build their own gardens, employees own vegetables, so as to effectively establish a close relationship with the employees.

Huzhou City Federation of trade unions deputy party secretary Wang Zekang on deepening the "double win" activities and labor relations and other aspects of the construction of early warning mechanism mediating Qianyuan town work fully affirmed, the next step to further strengthen the construction of Deqing County trade unions at all levels of planning and guidance of the trade union of enterprises, promote the work to a new level.


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